Hi, I'm Clare

This page is for you if you want to know how I come to be a digital creative, and have the skills to support you through your own creative projects as well. (It's quite long, so you might just prefer to look at this list of current creative projects).

By 2013/14, I realised three things:

-Everyone ringing me up was now asking for digital help, rather than just personal development coaching.

-I love investigating and trying out new ways to be creative with a computer, tablet or other device.

-I'd been amassing digital creative experience for about 20 years (and having so much fun with it that I didn't realise that it adds up to tens of thousands of hours).

 This is a long way from where it all began, growing up in a resolutely tech-free household.

So the rest of this page is all about how I got from there to here.

If you'd rather skip it and contact me directly, please do.


But if you're still here and like background details, here we go...

My original degree is in law. (There may still even be a few people here who remember me). And though I'm in no way a practising lawyer, and always stress that you need professional advice, it's a good backdrop to this work. Digital projects nearly always contain licence agreements and copyright issues, after all.

Digital  and support background

All that aside, I've been creating with computers ever since working for a legal publisher as an intern in 1991. In 1995,  I went online for the first time, and some would say, I've never come off again. If you don't yet love all things digital, but you want to, hang around with me for a bit. (As friends and collaugues will testify, it worked for them!).

In 1998, I became an NLP practitioner and coached and gave trainings in the personal development field for the next 15 years, including 3-4 years coaching IT consultants in soft skills. It's still the basis of the way I can help you overcome any concerns you may have about moving ahead with your digital project(s). I'm not a techie, but because of that, I can help you approach digital projects with confidence, practicality and ease.

In 1999, I built my first website (With greeting card software. True story). In 2000, I wrote book via the traditional publishing route. (The 2005 edition still selling in print and e-version, here).

In 2002, I married The Computer Man. We're still married, and besides now helping some of his clients  with their digital projects, it's great always to have backup with his knowledge of software and how computers themselves actually work and can be fixed.

By 2004, I'd got into building a personal development e-course at the Mary Ward Centre, where I taught at the time. (And started teaching personal development and meditation. There's more about that sort of thing on this blog, if you're interested).

By 2010, I'd done enough home recording to want to produce a meditation CD and downloads (still going strong ). A follow-up album is in the works.

In 2011, I finally did something about the love of graphic design I'd been messing around with for years, and started digital painting and design for pleasure and profit. (You can read about that ongoing journey here). It's also also led, amongst other things illustrating and producing an ebook, here).

And now, here we are.

If  you think after reading all this, I might be the person to help you get your individual or microbusiness digital project up and running, please get in touch.