I love to help people with their digital projects, because I love creating digitally myself, and draw on that experience to help you, or anyone else, to realise their project as fully as possible.

 Here's a complete list of all the projects I'm still involved with and/or creating now:

 Creating simple, practical websites and social media pages for others

Meditation downloads and CD 

-You can check out this album or buy it here
-The second volume of meditations should be out by the end of November 2014
-There's a blog to go with it, here.

Creating meditation music, which you can buy here.

Be the Life & Soul of the Party

The 2005 edition of this book, published traditionally by Crown House Publishing is still in print and ebook form, ( and great for the Christmas party season). It's also available in Russian and Thai editions, with another coming soon for  Malaysia & Singapore.

Sometimes, taking the traditional route for your digital items is still the best  option. I've experienced both, and am well-placed to ask the questions that'll help you evaluate and decide your own best way forward.

"Fall in Love & Stay There" A self-paced course, in ebook format, with illustrations! Get it here.

Digital painting and design

An Android App (in its early stages, but usable)

 Please contact me, if you'd like help or advice about your own digital project as an individual or microbusiness.